Have you ever heard the expression, "You never stop being a parent"? Dr. Phil says it's never too late for a do-over when it comes to parenting, even if you feel you did everything wrong while raising your child. You can still turn things around, even if they're an adult. Dr. Phil offers parents Tina and Joe a new strategy for dealing with their drug-addicted son, and Dr. Phil special correspondent Kelly Osbourne shares her own family history of drug abuse and offers her insight and perspective.



Tina and Joe admit they made mistakes when raising their son, Chanse. They say they met in a sobriety program, had a rocky relationship from the start and divorced when Chanse was 5 … and things have gone downhill since then. Now Chanse is 21, addicted to drugs and was recently living on the streets. They desperately want to turn things around for their son. 

Dr. Phil uncovers the parenting mistakes that sent Chanse on his path of self-destruction. 


In His Shoes 

Dr. Phil special correspondent Kelly Osbourne relates to Chanse's story. She grew up in a high-profile, world-famous family, with a drug-addicted father " rock legend Ozzy Osbourne. Kelly also struggled with addiction and experienced an often tense relationship with her mother. Kelly sits down with Chanse to get his side of the story. 


"A lot of it was probably because of my parents' divorce." 

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