What happens when you can't escape the tight grip your mother has on you? And as a mom, how do you know whether you're caring or overbearing? Dr. Phil speaks with mothers who have a conflict with their child.  


Betrayed by Mom

She looks like she has it all " money, beauty, fame " but beneath the surface, "Park Avenue Princess" Tinsley Mortimer is dealing with an issue that's tearing her family apart. Tinsley has been going through a divorce with her husband of 15 years, and her mother, Dale Mercer, is having trouble with the split. Both women are both featured in the CW show High Society.


"I'm going to do everything I can to see that they do get back together."  


Time to Find Himself

Michael says he has always been close with his mother, Wendy, but now that he's graduated from college and wants to take time to find himself, she has become overly worried and is unsupportive of his plans. Does Wendy need to step back and let her son find his path, or does she have reason to be concerned?


"When you're 24, really, it's time to start making a contribution in the world." 

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