Tensions escalate between Erin and Alexandra when Erin questions whether she wants to bond with her grandchild on the way. And, Dr. Phil stresses the importance of Alexandra's behavior right now, as she fights for custody of her first child, Nathan, 6, and daughter Leilah, 2. Plus, Bridget, who says her childhood was the same as Leilah's, has a powerful message for Erin and Alexandra.


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"Now Might Not Be the Time for You to do These Custody Fights"

Alexandra says her number one priority is her children, so why do her actions speak otherwise? Dr. Phil impresses upon her the importance of her actions right now.


"I've felt like you've got selective hearing, and you've got a lot of denial about things."


Could She Lose Custody of Her Unborn Child?

Learn what's tearing apart Alexandra and Erin's already rocky relationship. And, Erin shares her honest feelings about her grandchild on the way. Plus, Dr. Phil tells Alex, who is pregnant with her fiancé, Tony's baby, why she may also lose custody of her unborn child.


"When you have that behavior of constant eye-rolling, shoulder shrugs, sighing, that's a bad sign." 


A Glimpse into the Future?

Bridget says the life of Alexandra's daughter, Leilah, reminds her of her own childhood. She reveals how when she was a little girl, her estranged mother lost custody of both her and the child she was carrying. 


Her emotional words bring Erin to tears, but does her message have an impact on Alexandra?


Web Exclusive: Bridget tells Erin what Alex can expect from her children as they grow up.

 Backstage After the Show

Erin has a candid conversation with Bridget.


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