We all go through trials, whether it's a health challenge, family crisis or relationship woes. But what happens when tough times only seem to multiply? Dr. Phil talks to a family who says they're being unfairly profiled because of their Muslim faith and a couple who is considering walking down the aisle a third time.

Victims of Bias?

Muyassar, a single mother of six, says that since 9/11, her kids have been constantly bullied at school because of their Muslim faith. She says one of her sons, Shawki, was expelled for fighting and had to spend 120 days in juvenile hall, an incident that made local headlines.


"People look at us as terrorists."



Chaos in the Classroom

Muyassar and her children meet with school officials to get to the bottom of their conflict. Plus, the mother of the teen involved in a fight with Muyassar's son weighs in.


Will Muyassar's problem be resolved, or will this family have to leave their town?  



Relationship Rollercoaster

Keith and Carmen have been married and divorced twice … to each other! Carmen says that at one point in their relationship, she took their daughter and left Keith for five years, and during that time, Keith had three children with three other women! Now they're thinking about walking down the aisle yet again.


Will the third time be the charm, or should this couple quit while they're ahead?


See an update with this family!

Surgery Horror Story
Sandra says that when she was 28, her doctor recommended that she undergo a double mastectomy to remove potentially cancerous lumps. Since then, she's had 19 reconstructive surgeries ... but she believes she never had cancer to begin with!


How can Sandra get over this tragedy and move forward with her life?

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