The nation is consumed with the war in Iraq, but how do we also go on living our lives? How can we cope with our fears? Dr. Phil helps adults and children during this difficult time.

Dr. Phil's Family

Like many Americans, this war is very personal for Dr. Phil. His sister's only child, Douglas, is a Navy fighter pilot in Iraq flying a plane called "The Dr. Phil."


Talking to Children

How do you explain the war to children? Should you protect them from images of the horrific reality? Dr. Phil talks to 5-year-olds to see the war through their eyes.



Fear of Retaliation

Gina says her fear of retaliation is controlling her life. How can she live a quality life while also being vigilant to protect her family?


A Military Wife

Shari, whose husband is on the front lines, is so obsessed with watching the war on television that she can barely leave the house.

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