With approximately 704,000 sex offenders in America, you may bump into them more often than you think - at the mall, the grocery store or the movies. But how would you feel if a sex offender moved in next door or on your street?


Teach your children how to self-protect against a stranger.


A Danger to Society?

A convicted sex offender recently inherited a house on Susan and Barry's street. The couple has a 4-year-old son, and they say it's their mission to force him out of their neighborhood for good. And, when Robert was last on the show, he revealed that his 12-year-old sister, Robin, was raped and murdered by sex offender and serial killer, Rodney Alcala. 


"They've given up their rights when they've violated somebody."


Redemption for Predators?

Husband and wife pastors Jose and Betsy currently house 11 sex offenders in their neighborhood. They believe that some can be rehabilitated, but they say they're facing opposition from community members.


"The only way that a sex offender changes is with a bullet in his head."


A Sexual Offender Speaks Up

 Jake is a convicted child molester who served five years in prison for molesting his 3-year-old daughter. Jake has an unlikely supporter " his son, Paige, who says he's also a victim of molestation.


Learn why Jake says that he's rehabilitated.


Keeping Your Children Safe

Dr. Phil talks to Inside Edition freelance reporter Lisa Guerrero about her visit to a facility that houses sexual predators, and he discusses the ways that parents can protect their kids from sexual offenders.


"They are your neighbors. They are the troop leaders."

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