There's nothing more beautiful than two people falling in love and committing to a lifetime together, but do the vows "For better or worse" still apply when the bad times outweigh the good? Dr. Phil sits down with a wife who says she gave her husband a kidney and now suspects him of cheating on her.


Having Doubts about Her Husband
Jennifer says that she made the ultimate sacrifice when she gave her husband, Jarvis, one of her kidneys. Now she suspects that he's having an affair and is devastated at the thought of being betrayed.


Is Jarvis stepping out on his wife?

Kids Caught in the Crossfire

Jennifer says that her children are caught in the middle of her and Jarvis' marital problems. She says that her son takes her side, while her daughters are more protective of their father. Learn what the mom is doing with her children that disturbs Dr. Phil. 


"They will resent you for it for years to come."

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