Last week, Dr. Phil confronted Alexandra's fiancé, Tony, about the bruises on the neck of Alexandra's 2-year-old daughter, Leilah. When Tony's initial polygraph test indicated deception, he asked to take the test again. Will Dr. Phil finally be able to get some answers when Tony shows up for test number three? And, Erin loses her cool with Tony and doesn't hold back her emotions or outrage about her daughter's choices.


Get caught up with this family. 


"When I first learned Tony was shown as 'deceptive' on his polygraph test, I was furious! My anger consumed my entire being." Erin shares her thoughts about Tony and his polygraph results.

"This is Your Child. Stop Protecting Him!"

Dr. Phil arranges for Tony to take a polygraph test for the third time. Learn why he was unable to undergo number two and three. And, before the show tapes, Alex and Tony have a heated argument. Will it be the end of their relationship?


"There's a problem each time. That concerns me."


"I Cannot Support This"

Dr. Phil probes into Tony's excuses. Will the truth finally come out about the bruises? And, emotions escalate when Erin and Dr. Phil question Alex's judgment, and Erin and Tony engage in a heated exchange. 


"This is his marquee moment to eliminate himself from suspicion."


"We're Done"

Alex asks to meet with Dr. Phil alone backstage, and Tony walks off stage. And, Dr. Phil has a powerful message for Alex and Erin. Can he wake up Alex to her harsh reality?


"I'm very worried that he's an abusive person."

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