A mother is considered a great nurturer and protector, but what happens when the bond between a mom and her daughter is destroyed? A mother and daughter who haven't seen each other in three years face off on Dr. Phil's stage.


Fractured Family

Jessica says her mother, Georgia, is manipulative, selfish and a liar, and they haven't spoken to each other in three years. Jessica claims that her mother not only stood by and allowed her ex-husband to abuse Jessica, which he absolutely denies, but that she took part as well. Georgia refutes the accusations and says her daughter won't accept her apologies because she wants to live in the past.


"I often thought that my stepfather would kill me."


A Startling Discovery

Jessica says that Georgia has lied to her about virtually everything in her life. Three years ago, a DNA test that revealed a shocking truth.


"I don't trust a future with my mother involved."


Betrayed by Her Stepbrother
When Jessica was 14, she was raped by her 24-year-old stepbrother. Now she says she can't get past the pain of feeling that her mother didn't initially believe she was violated. 


Hear Jessica's tearful plea to her mother.

The Healing Process
Jessica says that she was placed in foster care after revealing a family secret, and her mom didn't even visit her! Georgia maintains that her daughter didn't want her in her life.


Can mother and daughter heal their broken relationship?

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