Dr. Phil and Robin introduce the most amazing, beautiful and captivating guest they've ever had on the show " their precious granddaughter, Avery Elizabeth! Joining them are their sons, Jordan and Jay, and Jay's wife, Erica.

A Beautiful Addition to the Family

Before Avery is brought onstage, the McGraws share their remembrances of the delivery room excitement. Go behind the scenes of Avery's photo shoot with People magazine, and get a glimpse of a day in the life of first-time parents, Erica and Jay.


"I didn't realize how deep a love you can have for a grandchild."


Meet the Youngest McGraw!

Oprah shares a special congratulatory message for the family. Then, Avery makes her  television debut! Learn why Dr. Phil calls her an "L.A. baby." Plus, Erica gets a surprise from some very important people in her life.


"There is no baby on earth who is going to be better loved."


Click here for more photos of the McGraws and baby Avery!


Lackadaisical Dad-to-Be
The McGraws aren't the only ones celebrating baby news. Tracey and her husband, Peter, recently learned that they're expecting twins, but Tracey says her spouse is naïve about the amount of work it takes to care for two babies.


Don't miss Dr. Phil's sweet surprise for the couple. 


Overprotective Grandparent
Katie says her mom, Connie, is a worrywart about her grandkids. She says that Connie sends her notices about baby product recalls, and is hypervigilant about Katie's daughter's peanut allergy. Connie says she just wants her daughter to heed her "excellent" advice.


Can Dr. Phil give the grandmother a wake-up call about her worrying ways?

Doting on Her Granddaughter

Virginia says she loves to take her 6-year-old grandchild, Bella, for manicures, pedicures and lunch dates. She calls Bella the love of her life, but worries that she's not making time for her other grandkids.


Can Virginia learn to stop playing favorites?


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