When a mother goes missing, it causes panic, worry and often ends in tragedy. Dr. Phil talks to Tiffany Tehan, dubbed the "Runaway Mom," and also the family of Julie Ann Gonzalez, who vanished on March 26.

A New Life

Tiffany Tehan was an Ohio wife and mother who mysteriously disappeared from her home. Authorities later learned that the 31-year-old faked her own abduction and ran away with a secret lover.

A Mother's Worst Nightmare
It's been over a month since Julie Ann Gonzalez disappeared, and the last person to see her alive was her estranged husband, George. The authorities believe the 21-year-old mom just walked away from her family and don't suspect foul play. Julie's mother, Sandra, and aunt, Margarita, want George to take a lie detector test to clear his name.

An Innocent Man?
George sits down with Dr. Phil to explain his side of the story. Learn why he believes a relative of Julie Ann's has something to do with her disappearance. And, how does George explain the deep scratches on his face?

Extra Content

  • If you have any information about the disappearance of Julie Ann Gonzalez, please contact the Austin Police Department at (512) 974-5250.

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