Every 10 seconds an animal is abused in this country. By the time this show is over, nearly 360 animals will be tortured. Dr. Phil, a huge animal lover, is taking a stand. Plus, Paris Hilton explains how you can adopt needy animals. Viewer discretion advised


In the Doghouse

Rob says dog fighting is not a crime and believes that it's no different than boxing or football. He was convicted of a felony after authorities caught him in the act and says he wants to clear up the misconceptions about dogfighting.


Will Rob get a wake-up call about this brutal "sport"? 


Fighting for Our Furry Friends
They may look like a group of tattooed tough guys, but cast members from the TV show Rescue Ink say they're on a mission to save animals in danger. Take a look as they go inside a dog fighting yard to demonstrate how they gather evidence for a bust.


"Rescue Ink always wants to give everybody a second chance."


Helping Animals or Hoarding?
Cindy claims that she was just trying to save animals from being abandoned and neglected when her property was raided. Nearly 300 animals were seized, and some were found sick or dead. 


Does Cindy have selfish motives, or was she just in over her head?


Adopt an Animal in Need 

Paris Hilton is known for many things, and her love for animals is one of them. The celebrity was honored by the Humane Society for Outstanding Contribution to Animal Welfare, and she brings to the show several dogs who are looking for a good home.


"There are so many right now in shelters that are on death row."


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  • Norred & Associates, Inc.
    If you suspect animal cruelty in your area, call Norred & Associates, Inc. at (877) 215-2250 FREE.
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Rescue Ink: How Ten Guys Saved Countless Dogs and Cats, Twelve Horses, Five Pigs, One Duck,and a Few Turtles
by Rescue Ink with Denise Flaim 

  • Dr. Phil and Robin adopted their dog, Maggie, from a shelter, and they advise everyone to adopt rather than shop! Click here to view a gallery of dogs in need of a good home.

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