How does your family's emotional history affect the person you are today? Dr. Phil talks to three generations of women who fear that they are repeating a cycle of violence and pain.


A Family Legacy 

Julie, 20, says that she grew up in an abusive home, as did her mother and grandmother. Her husband, John, says that he and Julie constantly fight, and that she even went to jail for domestic violence! Now she worries because their 10-month-old daughter, Jalie, has witnessed their blow ups.


Can they learn to stop fighting in front of their child? 


Shattered Childhood 

Julie reveals that when she was a child, her mother left her father and entered a battered woman's shelter. Her father vehemently denies the abuse. Georgia, Julie's mother, says she's concerned about her daughter's explosive temper.


"This is your family DNA. This is your emotional programming."


Escaping the Anger Prison 

Dr. Phil asks Julie to perform a rage experiment. Learn what brings the young woman to tears. Plus, is there hope for her marriage?


Is Julie doomed to constantly relive her family history? 

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