Betrayal in a marriage can come in many forms. Dr. Phil speaks with two wives who are facing duplicities so shocking, they have filed for divorce.

Inappropriate Sexual Advance
Catherine says her husband, James, destroyed their marriage when he propositioned her 20-year-old daughter " his stepdaughter " for sex. James says he feels horrible for what he did but blames his lapse in judgment on his sex addiction. Catherine says she's in limbo because she still loves her husband. Can a marriage with this kind of deal-breaker be repaired?

"I'm ashamed. I'm disgusted. I'm embarrassed." 


Addiction or Excuse? 
Is there such a thing as sexual addiction? Clinical psychologist Dr. David Ley and psychotherapist Dr. Gary Stollman debate the issue. Plus, Catherine's mother gives a statement about her daughter's marriage, and Dr. Phil weighs in on whether this marriage can be healed. 

Is sexual addiction real or just a popular excuse? 


Marriage Built on Lies?

Kim says she wasn't even married two months when she learned of her husband's lies and deceit. She says her husband, Jim, kept his financial instability and debt a secret. Can they clean up their financial mess and repair their union, or is it too late?


"He hid everything from me. I felt betrayed. I felt flat-out lied to."

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  • Dr. David Ley
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