They smoke, drink, speed, pop pills, disappear all night and disrespect their parents all day " They are teens gone wild, and Dr. Phil has a huge wake-up call for them and their parents! Parents, if you're in a power struggle with your teen, don't miss this show!


Out-of-Control Teens
Kimberly and David say their 14-year-old daughter, Alaina, has had so many tickets from the police that she's under house arrest. And their 16-year-old daughter, Alexis, is very manipulative and throws fits when she doesn't get her way. Both of them have mixed drugs and alcohol. How did their girls get so dangerously out of control?


"I just feel like giving up." 


No Respect

Dr. Phil confronts Alaina about her drinking and drug use, and Alexis about her anger issues and reckless driving. Plus, did Alexis fake a pregnancy test? When Dr. Phil questions her, he gets a glimpse of how her moods run the family.


"I don't want her to get mad at me." 


Commando Parenting
Dr. Phil tells Kimberly and David how to take back control of their household. Are they up for the challenge? Or will they go with Dr. Phil's other offer: a residential program for teens in Utah?


"You have a crisis situation on your hands." 


Go behind the scenes during the making of this episode!


Kimberly and David return. See an update with this family! 

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