If you think bullies only terrorize the schoolyard, think again. When they're through intimidating their classmates, they can grow up to become menacing co-workers, spouses, friends and parents.
Also, Jay gives an update on his anti-bullying campaign. Find out how you can launch one.


Confronting Mom

Tamaya and her sister, Tamara, say their mother, Penny, is such a bully that everyone in the family is afraid of her.



King of the Mountain?

Lorri says her boyfriend, David, is a bully who tries to control everything she does and thinks his way is the only way. 



View their stories and Dr. Phil's advice.

Update: Has Penny changed?



Anti-Bullying Campaign

Jay McGraw visited Barbara Bush Middle School in Irving, Texas to talk to students, teachers and parents about what they can do to stop bullying in their school.



View his visit.


Since Jay's visit, there have been fewer bullying incidences at that school, and more students are reporting bullying when it happens. Schools across the country are taking the pledge and implementing anti-bullying measures.
Dr. Phil and Jay encourage you to launch an anti-bullying campaign. Click on the links below to review the three different pledges, then print them out, make copies, distribute, and honor the pledge!