What was the dating standard when you were a teen? Nowadays, there is more pressure for teens to hook up and nearly half are sexually active. Meet two girls who say sex is no big deal. And parents, find out the big mistake you could be making when talking about your past with your kids. 


Promiscuous and Proud?

Fourteen-year-old Cassidy says she doesn't see anything wrong with teens having sex. Her mom, Erin, says her daughter engages in sex with multiple partners, and it's a struggle to stop Cassidy from sneaking out at night to meet boys.


What's behind the teen's motivation to get involved with many different boys? 


Hunger for Attention

Cassidy's mom, Erin, shares her experience in high school, and Cassidy opens up about her relationship with her father. Plus, Dr. Phil shares an important message with Erin, and all parents, about talking to your kids about your past.


After speaking with Dr. Phil, will Cassidy's opinion of sex, and herself, change?


Sex in a Committed Relationship

Jason says he suspected his 15-year-old daughter, Jaylyn, was breaking the no-sex rule of their house, so he set up tape recorders to see what was really going on under his roof. Jaylyn says her dad needs to accept that she's no longer his baby, and that sex is OK if she's in a committed relationship.


"He's put our relationship in a situation where we don't even talk anymore. "


Looking in the Mirror

Kerry Cohen, author of Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity, weighs in and shares her personal experience as a young woman.


"It's the easiest thing in the world for a girl to get attention through male attention."



If you've ever sent a sexy text message or thought about it, you may change your mind after learning what can happen to it. MTV's "A Thin Line" initiative was created to stop the spread of digital abuse when teens send a text with sexual content. And, Dr. Phil explains what he thinks influences these young women and what they must do to ensure a successful future.


"You don't need a guy in your life to do that."