Imagine meeting the man of your dreams. He's your Prince Charming and completely sweeps you off your feet. But there's a small problem; you've only known him three weeks " and you're already married! Stephanie is in the middle of a complicated love triangle with her husband, Robert, and the man she claims to love, Richard.

Just Another Infatuation?
Stephanie met Richard three weeks ago and thinks she has finally met her Prince Charming. She says she's ready to divorce her husband of three years, Robert, and move on with her life. Robert says the new guy is just another infatuation, and his wife will end up leaving him too. Stephanie admits she has a constant need for male attention but thinks this time, it's different. 

"If Richard asked me to marry him today, I would." 


Childhood Legacy
Richard says Stephanie is definitely the one for him and doesn't think there's anything wrong with dating a married woman. Find out what Stephanie may be keeping from her new love interest, and why Dr. Phil in concerned for her. Plus, Stephanie gives some insight into her childhood and why she craves constant male attention.

"I cut my hair so he couldn't use it to throw me up against the wall." 

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