Imagine if, after dropping the kids off at school, you suddenly transform into Sherlock Holmes, James Bond and Charlie's Angels all rolled into one. You've got your weapon, you're trained in martial arts, your spy gear is in place and you're ready to go undercover. On the outside, Dr. Phil's guests look like any other PTA moms driving carpool, but behind their mommy exteriors, they are gun-packing private eyes!


Never a Dull Moment
Dr. Phil speaks with Chris Butler, owner of Butler & Associates Private Investigations, and three of his P.I. moms: Denise, Michelle and Charmagne. Find out why Chris believes women have distinct advantages over men as investigators, and why hiring moms gives his company a definite edge. Plus, hear how these women juggle their dual roles as mom and detective.

"I was chatting online with pedophiles, while I was cooking dinner and changing diapers." 


A Suspicious Wife
Laura went to Butler & Associates because she suspected her husband was cheating on her. When he went on yet another business trip, this time to Hawaii, the P.I. moms followed him, and used one investigator as bait. You won't believe what they find " and what Laura does with the information!

"I completely fell apart." 


The Families
What do the family members of the P.I. moms think? Are they worried about what the job entails? Plus, the women go undercover to bust a fraud. Could they be putting their lives in danger?


"These stings that they go on, it could be with hardened criminals." 


Motel Room Massage?
In another sting, Butler & Associates were hired to find an employee's whereabouts on company time. The investigation took them to a motel, where they had reason to believe an illicit massage business was operating. Since they often work with law enforcement, they investigated further to find out exactly what was going on in that motel room. Plus, Dr. Phil has a surprise for the P.I. moms!

See them prepare a new decoy for the job. 


Update: Was it all a scam? See the truth behind the scandal!


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