Imagine if you could not see or hear anything at all. How would you communicate? If you were born without these sensory abilities, how would you learn basic life skills? Now imagine parenting three children who cannot see, hear or communicate with you. This is the uphill battle for Liz and George, parents of the world's only known deafblind triplets, who are now 10. After their last appearance, it seemed that their family was on the road to recovery, and in many ways that was true, but their struggles are far from over.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back 
Liz and George share the progress their girls made when they began working with an intervenor, made possible by The Dr. Phil Foundation and Dr. Phil viewers' generous donations. Sadly, it's been two years since a professional has served as the girls' eyes and ears, teaching them to communicate for the very first time and to become more self-sufficient. Liz and George are heartbroken to witness their girls' decline. Find out what happened.

"Not having our intervenors leaves us feeling abandoned, distraught, hopeless." 


Stressed to the Breaking Point?
The stress of raising three special needs children has left Liz and George exhausted, lashing out at each other and leaving the future of their marriage in question. Liz admits she still expects George to eventually leave. George fears she won't ever let him be her soft place to fall. Dr. Phil gets to the bottom of their marriage troubles.

"This is not about him; this is about you." 


Big Surprises
What can be done to rekindle the romance in this stressed-out marriage? Dr. Phil has a few ideas up his sleeve. Plus, see the big surprise that will turn things around for this family, and find out how you can help!


"This will be the best help that you have ever had for these girls." 

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