Since its debut in 2002, the Dr. Phil show has helped thousands of people get real about their lives and has touched millions of viewers. Do you ever wonder how much work goes into producing an episode? Get an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of the show!


The Making of a Show

Dr. Phil and his senior staff explain how they come up with story ideas and how guests are booked. Sit in on a meeting with Dr. Phil and his show producers as they discuss the issues that matter most to you.


"The selection process is really very aggressive."

Out in the Field

See the Dr. Phil show through the eyes of a guest as camera crews follow her and her family. Plus, special contributor Kelly Osbourne shares the best part of being involved with the show.


"We're always challenging ourselves to find better ways to tell our stories."


The Audience Arrives!

The excitement builds as audience members reveal how it feels to attend a taping of Dr. Phil. Plus, Robin shares her backstage reflections and one of her favorite things about the show!


"Our job is to make television the best that we can." 

Extra Content

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