America is fast becoming a "litigation nation" with new and sometimes outrageous lawsuits cropping up every day. Joining Dr. Phil to answer your burning legal questions are five of the country's top lawyers: civil attorney Lisa Bloom, family attorney Areva Martin, criminal defense attorney Anthony Pope, former prosecutor Loni Coombs and financial attorney Christopher Chatham.


Surprising Lawsuits

The experts discuss shocking legal headlines " from a woman who's suing Burger King for $5 million to a woman who filed a lawsuit against a hospital because she was given the wrong baby to breastfeed!  


"I resent the waste of tax dollars and tying up the court system for that."



Snooping Neighbor?

Julia says her neighbor is a Peeping Tom. She says she caught him videotaping her property and wants to know what legal recourse is available to stop this alleged intrusive behavior.


Who Retains the Ring? 

Colette says her fiancé proposed to her with a $17,500 ring, but now that they've called it quits, he wants his bling back. She says the jewelry belongs to her, and she vows to battle her ex-lover in court.


Does she stand a chance of winning?



Ordeals Online

Wendy claims she was duped by an Internet dating service and wants to know if she's the victim of fraud. And, Elke says she searched her name online and the results were shocking!  


"It freaked me out because I'm looking for a job."



Clearing out the Clutter

Everyone has a drawer or room for storing junk, but Stephanie says that her entire apartment is filled with clutter! When she last appeared on the show, she said she was desperate to get organized. Dr. Phil sent in reinforcements!


Was Stephanie able to restore order to her home?



Protective or Paranoid Dad?
Is it OK for a father to spy on his daughter's suitors? Jeff says he's concerned about his 18-year-old daughter, Anise, meeting older men online, so he's taking unusual measures to keep her safe.

Fretting over Her Future
Kristy admits to pressuring her 17-year-old daughter, Katie, to go to college. The teen says she's torn between pursuing her education or taking a year off.

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