From problems in the bedroom, strange habits or sudden life changes, Dr. Phil's guests wonder if they're the only ones coping with an unusual issue. 


Twin sisters Kaleena and Eden suffer from the same sexual dysfunction " they don't enjoy sex with their husbands and have never had an orgasm. OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson from the Emmy Award-winning show, The Doctors, weighs in.


"If nails on a chalkboard were a feeling, that's how I feel when he touches me."


Plagued by Pica?

Some people are addicted to sweets or fried foods, but meet a woman who says she snacks on soap! Could she be suffering from the eating disorder pica, and is there hope for her condition?


"When I'm extremely stressed, I find that it's very calming."

Creating Conflict in His Household?

Lana says her husband, Joe, is obsessed with his invention. She says he's invested about $500,000 on his project, and he spends more time working than with her and their two daughters. Joe admits that he's been neglecting his family but says he's passionate about a product that he believes can change the world!


Dr. Phil puts Joe's invention to the test! 


In the Dog House

Linda says that every time she and her husband try to get intimate, something keeps coming between them " their dog, Jake! Linda says she's frustrated because her husband won't kick the canine out of their bedroom.


Do Dr. Phil and Robin allow their dog, Maggie, to sleep with them?


An Unexpected Delivery

Jackie says that she's always been friendly to customers who come into the store where she works, but never did she imagine that one of them would leave her with a two-week old baby!

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