If you're a parent, this show may be your wake-up call. Find out the extreme measures adolescents take to keep a love interest. Sami says her boyfriend was controlling, and she'd do anything to please him " including harming herself. Don't miss the warning signs to watch for to know if your teen is obsessed with love and how to end the infatuation.


"I Wanted to Do Everything I Could to Be the Perfect Girl"

When Sami was 16, she says she met an older boy on the Internet and fell under his controlling spell. She says she did everything she could to please him. Her mother, Jana, says she was in the dark and didn't see how her daughter was suffering.


What's at the root of Sami's behavior?

Act of Desperation

To satisfy her boyfriend's desire to date a skinny girl, Sami harmed herself in an effort to change her appearance. Sami recalls the day she took a razor to her body, and Dr. Phil drills down to learn why Sami went to this extreme.


"You have to decide what it is about yourself that is so bad that you're so needy."


"I Want to Learn to Love Myself in a Way that Every Teenage Girl Should"

Sami lives in constant fear that if she ever opens her heart and gets close to somebody, she won't be able to set boundaries, and she'll lose herself again. When Dr. Phil has Sami engage in a dyad, will the teen be able to move forward from her past?


"You have inspired people here today."

It's Your Turn

Dr. Phil is turning the tables and letting the audience ask him questions. Find out if he's ever considered shaving his mustache, what his biggest fear is and more!


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