When it comes to families, conflict is nearly inevitable, but when you add the stress of a mental illness, it can divide even the closest knit family.

What's Best for Katherine?
Coni's 18-year-old daughter, Katherine, has had bipolar disorder since age 12. Since then, her behavior has been violent and erratic, and Coni says the chaos is tearing the family apart. Coni's husband has threatened divorce, her oldest son has moved out, and her youngest daughter says her childhood was awful. Her family thinks Katherine should be institutionalized, but Coni says that's not an option.

What does Dr. Phil think of Katherine's diagnosis? 


Family Dysfunction
When dealing with mental illness, it can often feel like there are no perfect solutions. Learn what Dr. Phil says this family is doing wrong and how they can create a happy, peaceful household.


"You need to quit treating her like she's some kind of cripple."


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It's Your Turn, Dr. Phil!

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