What if you embraced a lifestyle so terrible and so violent that it cost you your family, your friends and your freedom? Can you ever get over your past and make things right? Dr. Phil talks to two men who face this struggle. Tad and Josh joined ranks with white supremacists and neo-Nazi groups. Embracing hatred, they shut out anyone who didn't share their views. Tired of feeling angry and empty, these men now want to turn their lives around. But is it too late to expect forgiveness? And can they forgive themselves?

"I normally would never share a stage or give platform to anyone with such sick, racist and hateful views," Dr. Phil tells his viewers. "But both of my guests today say they've gotten out of the hate groups, changed their ways and say they want my help in turning their lives around, changing the way they feel. That's the only reason I'm even willing to speak to these guys, and I will tell you straight up front that I approach this with much skepticism."


There are currently close to 1,000 hate groups in the U.S. " an all-time high in American history. These people are raising children and passing on their hate and prejudice from generation to generation. This is not a minor problem.



Tad racked up 21 felonies and spent 12 years in prison as a white supremacist. He went in a troubled young man and came out a hardened, violent ex-con. Find out what makes Tad want to change, and why Dr. Phil isn't sure he's convinced. Plus, hear from Tad's wife, who gave up a lot to be with him and is trying to help her husband heal. 

"You can choose to love, or you can choose to hate, and hate will destroy you."


Second Chances

Tad says he wants to turn his life around and become more like the man his father was. Learn more about Tad's family life and see a reunion with Tad and the man who was like a father to him " until his hate drove him away. Plus, hear from the leading authority on the neo-Nazi issue and what he thinks of Tad's desire to change.


How can Tad behave his way into a new history?  


Josh is a former skinhead battling his demons since turning his back on the largest neo-Nazi group in America. Josh alienated most of his family when he became a white supremacist. Meet the one person who didn't give up on him. Plus, find out what caused him to embrace hate, what made him realize he was wrong and what haunts him in his nightmares.

"I hear them screaming, asking me, begging and pleading to stop."


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