Is your marriage in crisis, but you're staying together for the kids? Dr. Phil talks to three sisters who say they can't take their parents' constant fighting anymore. Now they wonder if their mom and dad are better off apart. 


A Household in Turmoil
Melissa says she and her sisters, 18-year-old Moriah and 16-year-old Alex, grew up listening to their parents constant yelling and screaming matches. Their father, Willie, says that his wife, Lisa, belittles him, and Lisa claims that Willie has punched her in the face and pulled out her hair.


What's at the root of their anger?  


Child Caught in the Crossfire
The siblings say they're not the only ones who've been hurt by their parents' constant squabbling. They say their 5-year-old sister, Madison, has been cursing and having trouble in school, and they worry about the environment she's growing up in.


"She's taking her anger out somewhere else because she's seeing it at home."

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