Thousands of viewers wrote in wanting to know what happened to the children who appeared on our shows about childhood obesity. Dr. Phil catches up with some of his most memorable young guests and their parents.

Joshua and His Mom, Tina
Four-year-old Joshua weighed almost 160 pounds when his mom, Tina, first came on the show. At the time, she insisted she had nothing to do with her son's obesity.



Sandy and Her Son, Mike
When Sandy first visited Dr. Phil, she said healthy food was too expensive. With her 12-year-old son, Mike, tipping the scales at 262 pounds, she asked Dr. Phil for help.



Amanda's Story
Amanda was pregnant with her second child when she first visited Dr. Phil. Her 3-year-old son had been placed in foster care because he weighed 120 pounds and Amanda wanted him back.



A Chubby Cheerleader?
Twelve-year-old Molly is obsessed with becoming a cheerleader. Her mother, Connie, wants to be supportive but worries that at 220 pounds, her daughter's goal isn't realistic.



Find out how these guests are doing and hear Dr. Phil's advice.

Update: Did Molly make the squad?



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