They sleep on sidewalks, eat out of trash cans, beg for money and carry only what fits into a backpack. Many of them are so good at blending into a crowd, they don't even look homeless. Los Angeles, with its siren call of fame and money, has as many as 4,000 to 10,000 homeless teens. Dr. Phil, along with special contributor Kelly Osbourne, shines a spotlight on life on the street for homeless youth.

The Hollywood Dream?

Danny has been living on the streets in Los Angeles for a few months. His girlfriend, Bonnie, joined him about a month ago. Both 19, the couple agrees to open up their lives for Dr. Phil cameras. See a day in their life as they beg for money and struggle to find food and shelter. Find out why Bonnie, who has a home to go to, chooses this lifestyle. 

"I'm not scared. I love going through life knowing that I could've died."

Meeting "The Devil"

Bonnie's mother, Paula, says life was great with Bonnie until she became a teen. Find out why she didn't know her daughter was homeless. And, get a tour of what the teens call "the dungeon" and learn what scares them the most. Plus, a surprise phone call from Bonnie reveals a change in direction for her and Danny.

Safe for now but not out of the woods.


When the teens get out of jail, will they go to rehab? See an update on Danny and Bonnie!

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