It seems that in today's society, teens are more disrespectful and arrogant than ever. Parents: If your teen talks back, acts out or is just plain rude, don't miss this show!


Rude and Disrespectful

Ronda says her 19-year old son, Chase, is mean, acts entitled and curses at her. His family calls him the bully of the house and says he antagonizes them on purpose because he thinks it's funny.


Learn what Chase says his mother did to him and why it broke his heart.


"He Needs to Recognize and Acknowledge that I'm the Older Brother"

Chase's family says that he has such a big ego that they call him "Hollywood." His younger brother, Chad, says he's the target of Chase's bullying, and they often engage in physical fights. He confronts his brother. And, Chase's stepfather, Vern, joins the conversation.


"He is trying to be the male dominant of the household."


Bully Beatdown

Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Jason "Mayhem" Miller,  star of the MTV show Bully Beatdown, makes a surprise appearance. He shares a message with Chase and Chad.


"Why can't he be awesome and you be awesome?"


Surprising Update

When Chloe appeared on the show, she told her mother she hated her and stormed offstage.


Find out what's going on with Chloe now.

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