What do you do when life's problems seem so overwhelming that it feels like there's no way out? Dr. Phil talks to a man who says he's still haunted by memories of September 11, and a couple who wonders if they should call it quits.


Haunted by Tragedy

Kenny, one of the first responders to the 9/11 tragedy, says he still struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder and other health challenges. His wife, Cyndi, and daughter, Gina, say he just sits on the couch and obsesses about that fateful day, and they feel he needs to get over it.


Can Kenny get his life and his health back?


Relationship Roadblocks

Steve and Jacki have been married for four years, and Steve says he's at a crossroads in his relationship. He says his wife puts him last and moved her elderly parents into their home while he was on the road. Jacki says she can't get over her husband's insensitivity to her dying mother, and isn't sure if their relationship can be saved.


Is it time for Steve to say enough is enough and move on?

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