What can parents do when their 19-year-old daughter shocks them by dating a 41-year-old man? If you see your adult child making mistakes, how can you influence them without alienating them? Dr. Phil has advice.


A Disapproving Family

Monica and Lloyd say they're devastated that their 19-year-old daughter, Jamie Lynn, is dating Shawn, who is 41. When the family dug into Shawn's past, they were shocked at what they discovered and refused to meet him. Jamie Lynn says she's old enough to make her own decisions and if her family gives her an ultimatum, she will choose Shawn.

Can Dr. Phil heal this fractured family? 


A Changed Man?
Shawn says he would never hurt Jamie Lynn and can't believe her parents are judging him without even meeting him. Dr. Phil questions Shawn's criminal past and wants to know why he's a different man today. Hear Shawn's side of the story. 


"The division between Jamie and her parents was there long before I ever entered this picture." 


A Sibling's Perspective
Jordan, 17, says her older sister's relationship isn't healthy, and after she met Shawn, she got physically ill and vomited. Tensions rise, and Monica makes an impassioned plea with Jamie Lynn. And, Dr. Phil tells the teen how she can find out if Shawn is trustworthy in order to move forward in her relationship.


Dr. Phil shares his opinion of Shawn with Jamie Lynn's parents. 

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