Get out your party hats and confetti; Dr. Phil is 60, and it's time to celebrate! And, if you dread getting older, don't miss Dr. Phil's advice. "Sixty is great. I hope all of my guests embrace their birthdays, because it just keeps on getting better," Dr. Phil says.


Miserable Birthdays

Shirah says her birthdays are cursed, and she doesn't look forward to celebrating them. She says she's never had a birthday cake of her own and all of her planned celebrations turn into disasters!


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Trying to Fight Father Time

Linda, David, Carolyn and Becky say they dread getting older and do everything " including spending thousands of dollars " to slow the aging process.


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The Biggest Surprise of the Night

Robin created a choreographed song and dance video with the help of Dr. Phil's close pals and presented it to her husband at his party. "I've been with this man for 38 years, married 34, and I've never, ever been able to surprise him," Robin says. This video was a success, and Dr. Phil was in awe.

A Performance Like No Other

She's been called the most-talented girl in the world, and she'll be starring on the hit show Glee this season. Eighteen-year-old singing sensation Charice, accompanied on piano by 15-time Grammy-winning producer David Foster, sings "One Moment in Time."



No birthday party would be complete without a cake! Dr. Phil's sons, Jay and Jordan, and Jay's wife, Erica, join him onstage to indulge in a delectable treat from Hansen's Cakes!

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