When children have weight problems, Dr. Phil says you need to look at why they are eating, not what they are eating.

Christopher, 12, weighs 250 pounds. He worries about how his weight affects the family: "We have to take a lot of things out of the house like cookies, chips and sodas." Although his parents have spent thousands on a personal trainer and weight loss programs, he hasn't lost weight.


Wendy admits she withholds affection from her 8-year-old daughter, Melani, because of her weight. "I tell her she's fat and explain to her it's her fault," says Wendy. Dr. Phil disagrees with her strategy and tells Melani, "You are a precious, funny and cute little girl. If you write me a story about how you are a star in your own life, and the things you are proud of, I'll read it on TV."
After the show, Melani wrote Dr. Phil a story and he kept his promise, allowing her to read it on his show.
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After their parents' divorce, two of these three sisters developed issues with food and weight. Skylar (right) admits she began overeating to comfort herself while Sydney (left) became bulimic. Their mother hopes Dr. Phil can help.


Helping your overweight child.