The last time we saw 22-year-old Alexandra, she was seven months pregnant, and Erin and Marty feared she was taking still drugs and partying with her boyfriend, Tony. In the weeks leading up to the baby's arrival, Erin's concerns escalate, as she says Alex won't return phone calls or visit her children. Then, drama ensues in the delivery room! 


Get caught up with the Dr. Phil Family. 


Where's Alex?

Alex claims to be on bed rest, but where is she when Erin pays a surprise visit? The mom confronts her daughter about why she has not been returning phone calls or visiting her children, Nathan and Leilah.

"My feet are swollen. I'm doing the best I can, you know."


A Surprise Meeting

During a Dr. Phil show interview,  Erin and Alex come to an agreement about who will be in the delivery room when the baby is born.


"I'm guessing that you don't want me to come to the hospital."


Delivery Room Drama 

When the baby's delivery day arrives, emotions rise to a fever pitch. Who's allowed to stay for the birth, who's kicked out of the delivery room, and who gets physical?


Watch the birth of Alex's baby boy, and the chaos that follows!


The Drug Test Results 

"I think [Alex] has just totally turned her mind off and her emotions off, so that she can get through this. The likelihood of this baby being healthy is probably minimal," Erin confides. 


Are Marty and Erin's worst fears confirmed?

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