Kimberly and David were concerned because they say their two teen daughters, Alexis and Alaina, were out of control. Alaina, 14, had so many tickets that police placed her under house arrest. Alexis, 16, was very manipulative and threw fits when she didn't get her way. Both of them had experimented with drugs and alcohol. Dr. Phil recommended the girls be sent to Turn-About Ranch, an intensive therapeutic working ranch in Utah.  


A Slow Start
Dr. Phil questions Kimberly and David about their intentions after the first show, and the work they've done to prepare for the girls' return home. Plus, find out how difficult it was to get the girls to their destination and the mistakes these parents continue to make.


"Did you buy her a car?"



Breaking the Rules
There are a lot of rules at the camp, but it wasn't the girls who were breaking them! Find out what happened when Kimberly and David visited their daughters half-way through their stay. Plus, see the remarkable progress one of the girls is making.


"Honest to God, I don't ask myself why these girls' lives are off in the ditch; I ask myself why not?" 


Are They Ready?
Kimberly blames David for not being able to enforce rules with their girls, but is confident that she can when they return home. Dr. Phil isn't so sure. Plus, hear Alaina's insightful message for her parents.


"I need them to be more strict."