There are hundreds of thousands of children in foster care right now. Many are the silent victims of abuse and neglect, spending their entire childhoods being tossed from house to house, slipping through the cracks in the foster care system. Dr. Phil gives a voice to the children who feel thrown away and unloved.


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Frustrated with Their Adopted Child
Cindy and Mick are well-intended parents of adopted sisters, Danielle, 13, and Marie, 11. They say they struggle to parent their oldest daughter, who lies and is very angry, and they've even considered sending her away!


Dr. Phil gives a powerful demonstration of what it's like for kids in foster care.


Will She Stay or Go?

Dr. Phil sits down with Danielle in the greenroom. The teen admits that she lies to her parents and worries that she'll be removed from their home and separated from her sister.


Will an emotional exercise give this family a wake-up call?


Fighting for Foster Care Youth

Senators Chuck Grassley and Mary Landrieu admit that the system is broken, and share how they're working hard to help empower children. Plus, hear the stories of two inspiring former foster care kids!


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Teen Rocked by Tragedy

Nineteen-year-old Stacy entered foster care at age 10 and says she endured years of horrific abuse before aging out of the system at 18. She struggles to find resources as she attends college and helps her pregnant teen sister.


See Dr. Phil's amazing surprises for the teen!  

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