Dr. Phil and special contributor Kelly Osbourne check back in with two drug-addicted teens, Danny and Bonnie, who were living on the streets of Hollywood. Find out what happened after Danny overdosed, and Bonnie was arrested. Parents, watch this eye-opening show with your teenager!

A Mother's Desperate Search
The day after Danny's overdose and Bonnie's arrest, Paula goes on a wild goose chase from one jail to another in search of her daughter. See the emotional reunion, and hear Danny and Bonnie describe their experiences detoxing in jail. And, the teens agree to go to separate rehabilitation centers. Will it work?

"I was so sick. I felt like I was dying." 


On the Road Again
After two chances to get clean, Danny and Bonnie leave their treatment centers and hit the road again. Dr. Phil cameras meet up with them in Colorado, and the teens share what they've been up to all summer.


"I really miss heroin, and I'm having a lot of trouble not using, but I haven't." 

One Last Chance
The night before meeting with Dr. Phil, Danny and Bonnie submit to a drug test. Are they as clean as they claim? And, will the teens agree to give treatment one more shot? 


"Danny, you've already died." 

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