Tensions rise between the Housewives after an explosive fight between Gloria and Alana. Dr. Phil shines a spotlight on Alana's aggressiveness, and how it may work against her. He explains how her attack mode could be her own undoing " could you also be playing this self-defeating game? Then, Gloria confesses a secret that she's been hiding. Will it change how the others see her? Dr. Phil reveals surprises for the women, and sends them on mysterious field trips that may change them forever.


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Gloria and Alana get into an expletive-laced argument that escalates to threats of physical violence. Dr. Phil explains the self-defeating game that Alana may be playing.

Alana explains why she's doubtful that she needs to change, but wonders if she may be in denial. Dr. Phil explains the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness and tells her she would have real power in her life if she knew how to manage her newfound confidence.

Dr. Phil accuses Gloria of wearing a mask and not being honest with the group. Gloria agrees and confesses, "There is something I'm not sharing with you that is not allowing you to know me."


Dr. Phil wants Jennifer to make herself a priority and start feeling more confident. He sends her on a mystery trip to address the one thing that makes her the most self-conscious.

Gloria and Kimm admit that they don't have the highest regard for each other, so Dr. Phil puts the two together for a surprise bonding session.

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