There are dangers lurking online that may harm you or your family, and Dr. Phil is putting you on alert! Hit record on your DVR and watch this show with your daughters and sons.


Online Experiment

Many young people participate in social networking sites, posting provocative pictures and dialogue online. Dr. Phil conducts an experiment to prove how easy it is to pose as someone else on the Internet and lure in a victim. You won't believe the results!


"The picture here just shows legs; it doesn't even show a face."


A Cautionary Tale
Rosabella was only 14 when she was sold online for sex. Hear her shocking firsthand account of how she was lured into sex trafficking and plied with drugs and alcohol.


"I turned around and started doing my makeup, and the next thing I knew, he had shot me."


Concerned about Her Daughter

Dana is scared that her 14-year-old daughter, Stephanie, will be kidnapped or raped by strangers she meets on the Internet. She says the teen is constantly talking to guys she encounters, and she's found naked pictures of men in Stephanie's e-mail. And, hear from Robin Sax, a former sex crimes prosecutor.


"No matter what I do, there's no way to keep her from the Internet."


A Teen Speaks Out

Stephanie admits she sends risqué pictures to men and has considered taking them up on their offers to fly her across the country. The teen makes a surprising confession to her mom as Dr. Phil drills down to determine what's motivating her behavior.


"You're not going to fix this problem because it feels good at the time while you're with some guy."


Tormented By Strangers

Meet a family that was cyber stalked by proxy. Find out how they say they were relentlessly tortured by trolls online after their daughter was killed.


"Every time I look at a computer, I fear that I'm going to see the photographs of my daughter."


Dr. Phil's Final Thoughts

"Parents out there, we need to be computer-literate. We need to know what's going on with our kids, because let me tell you, they're so much better at this digital world than we are, and we have to close that information gap."