Dr. Phil, along with Dr. Travis Stork, host of the Emmy Award-winning show The Doctors, examines the behaviors of men and women who say they are controlled by their culinary cravings.













Euphoric after Eating Fries

Amber, who's featured on TLC's Freaky Eaters, says she rarely eats anything but French fries. She says she wants to eat other foods but gags when they enter her mouth.




What's behind her penchant for potatoes?



Raising Awareness

Heather eats the same few bland foods day after day, and the idea of trying a new food makes her brain go into shock. She says her way of eating isn't easy, and there's a stigma attached to it.




"There is a lot of emotional issues around it."



"Me and Cola are Best Friends"

Amy admits to drinking as many as 24 cans of cola every day. She is adamant she's not addicted to soda, but worries about how it could be affecting her long-term health.





Dr. Travis tells Amy the dangerous truth about the sweet beverage.



Erasing Her Habit

Claudine of E! Network's What's Eating You? says her strange eating habit is like a drug addiction she just can't kick. Find out what it is, and what happens when Dr. Travis takes a bite!




"It helps me. It doesn't talk back to me."



Taking a Physical Toll

For years, Josh only ate his favorite food every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. See the severe effects it had on his body and his life.





Dr. Phil puts Josh to the test.



Dangerous Diet?

Daniel is a college student who has been eating raw meat for more than five years.





Dr. Travis warns of the dangers.



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