Have you ever dreamed that you were flying or your teeth were falling out? Dr. Phil sheds light on the meaning of common dreams with help from his experts: Cynthia Richmond, behavioral therapist and author of Dream Power: How to Use Your Night Dreams to Change Your Life, and Dr. Deirdre Barrett, a Harvard psychologist and co-writer of The Encyclopedia on Dreams.


Disturbed By Dreams of Deceit

Jamie has recurring dreams that his wife, Donna, is cheating on him. He says these nocturnal episodes are so vivid, that he wonders if his wife is being unfaithful. Donna says she tries to convince her husband that she's not stepping out on him, and she's fed up with his jealousy.


What's at the root of Jamie's dreams?


Lively Slumber
Nanette says her fiancé, Rick, yells, slaps and grabs her " all while sleeping! Is his behavior a sign of something more serious?


What does Dr. Phil think?


The Meaning of Common Dreams
Audience members Jennifer and Rosie reveal the dreams that are most perplexing to them.


Coincidence or Omen?

Jaime says that she had a premonition about her father's death, and he died in a similar fashion. Now she has recurring dreams about a friend having a heart attack and wonders if she should reveal her fears.


Can dreams predict the future?


Napping Canine

Marina's dog, Bizkit, became an Internet sensation when a video was posted showing the canine flailing in her sleep and then crashing into a wall.


Learn Marina's solution to her pet's nocturnal adventures. 

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Dream Power: How to Use Your Night Dreams to Change Your Life
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