Each generation participates in trends more dangerous than the preceding one, and Generation Y is no exception. Parents: Could your child be involved in a scary new fad? Learn the top three questions you should ask your teen.


Harmless Herb or Something More Sinister?

Spice may sound like a common household ingredient, but it's a slang term for synthetic marijuana. Chris, 20, and his 17-year-old brother, Tyler, say they smoke spice because it's a legal alternative to pot, and it makes them feel relaxed. Their mother, Billie, says her sons become verbally abusive when smoking, and she worries about their health.


Will the siblings get a wake-up call or continue to light up?


Public Partying Turned Deadly
ave parties attract thousands of teens, but could these electronic music and light shows be deadly? Dr. Phil talks to Gracie, the mother of 15-year-old Sasha Rodriguez, who died after attending the Electric Daisy Carnival. Nick, a self-described raver, speaks up.


Should raves be banned? 


More Than Skin Deep
Subdermal implants are a risky new trend that takes body art to a whole new level. Twenty-one-year-old Evan, who had a small barbell embedded under his skin, explains the procedure.


Extreme Thrill Seeker
Ben, 24, is a self-described daredevil who says he never turns down a challenge. He says he once drank gasoline, jumps off roofs and even set himself on fire! His girlfriend, Jacqueline, says she fears for his life and worries that he may be setting a bad example for their 3-year-old daughter.


"I'm going to die regardless."

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