Imagine someone telling you what to do 24 hours a day, seven days a week, controlling and criticizing every move you make. Dr. Phil's guests say they know that feeling all too well!

Crossing the Line?
Cindy says her husband, Mike, controls everything she does, from what she eats, to when she prays, to how fast she walks. He says he doesn't dominate his wife; he just cares.


"My relationship with God is directed by Mike." 


A Way to Escape
Cindy admits their marriage has gotten so bad, that she drinks alcohol to excess in order to cope. And, find out what happened three years ago that may have contributed to Mike's controlling behavior. Plus, Dr. Phil asks about a disturbing incident.


"You woke up one time, and he was standing over you with pillow over your head?" 

"I Don't Feel Like a Man; I Feel Like a Failure" 
Daniel says his wife, Jenni, constantly nags and criticizes him about every chore he does, calls him names and emasculates him. He says he locks himself in the garage to get away from her! Jenni admits she likes to be the boss of her household and stalks her husband around the house to do it. What's behind her critical spirit?


Dr. Phil puts his controlling guests to the test! 

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