Three women will be murdered today in intimate partner violence in the United States. In one year, women will experience two million injuries from intimate partner violence. Dr. Phil continues his mission to end the silence on domestic violence!


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A Victim's Reality
Mallory, 19, says her boyfriend, Brett, 19, is abusive. Even though she says he threatens her life, pushes her around and once locked her in a closet, she doesn't want to break up. Mallory is pregnant with Brett's baby and wants to find a way to make their relationship work.

"Do you think you've set the bar really low here?" 


An Abuser's Excuses?
Brett admits he has anger issues but says Mallory sets him off. He says he loves Mallory but sometimes, he can't stand her. Can Dr. Phil inspire him to change his behavior for the sake of his unborn child?


"It is time for you to man up." 



A Mother's Heartbreak 
Debbie's 20-year-old daughter, Heather, was murdered by her abusive boyfriend. Debbie shares her story as a wake-up call to Mallory and Brett, as well as to other parents. Know the warning signs to look for if you fear your child may be in a violent relationship. 

"I would move mountains if I could stop this from happening to somebody else." 


A Teen's Choice
Lori fears her 18-year-old daughter, Kelsi, is still involved with her abusive ex-boyfriend. Kelsi admits she's torn between her feelings for her ex and following her family's wishes.


"It scares me that he is capable of killing her." 


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Support the campaign! Donate $20 and receive the End the Silence on Domestic Violence T-shirt and bracelet! One hundred percent of the money raised goes directly to domestic violence shelters and programs across the country that provide support and a safe haven for women and children in harm's way.


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