Do you tend to be more extroverted, agreeable or neurotic? Learn about the five basic dimensions of personality, and take The Big Five Test to determine how you score on the big five traits! Plus, find out what your body language reveals about your personality, what type of person you mesh best with and what your stuff says about you.


Dual Personality

Brian says he's a mild-mannered, fun husband and father, except when he sits behind the wheel. He says he gets so angry and aggressive that he constantly sprays other cars with windshield wiper fluid " going through as much as three gallons every week!


Can he put the brakes on his temper before someone gets hurt?



Controversial Online Phenomenon

Which direction is the woman in the video spinning? Learn what your response may say about your personality.

The Big Five

Sam Gosling, professor of psychology and author of Snoop: What Your Stuff Says about You, describes the five basic dimensions of personality. Find out what they are and see which best describes you.


"Personality is not only what we do ... but it's also how we perceive the world."


What Your Body Language Says

Darcy and Craig have been dating for seven months, and she wants to know if they are compatible. Body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass analyzes Darcy and Craig's behavior on a date. Will her perception match the couple's feelings?


"There's something major that she needs to work on."


How to Mesh Clashing Personalities

Karlie says her husband, Aaron's, personality changed drastically after they got married. She says she's an extrovert, while he's now an introvert. See how their scores on the The Big Five Test relate to their personalities, and learn how you can mesh with someone who's opposite of you.


"That could be a great step in the right direction."


What Your Stuff Says about You

Dr. Gosling snoops through Dr. Phil's office and Robin's dressing room.


See what he learns about both of them, and what your stuff says about you!