Dr. Phil engages in a powerful confrontation with Kimm. Is this wife and mother still making excuses, or is she ready to change her life? And, Rachael opens up and shares why she's always so angry. Plus, learn how Michelle's relationship with her father influences her today, and go along with her on her first date in over a year. 


Dr. Phil confronts Kimm, telling her that she's checked out as a parent, as she has spent the last several years in bed letting their live-in nanny raise her daughters. The other Housewives are shocked as they get a glimpse into Kimm's life at home, and how she expects her nanny to wait on her. Kimm admits that she's not strong or independent, feels overwhelmed with her family life and enjoys being taken care of by the nanny.


The dyad brings Kimm to tears, and she says she feels like a horrible mom and wife and just wants to get back in bed. She admits she wants to be happy from the inside out and more confident, and Dr. Phil tells her, "You've got to get your butt out of bed, and you've got to get engaged with your kids. Those kids need you." He adds that she must go home to her kids and apologize for not being the mom they deserve, and explain that she is going to be an active mother. "You've got to model for them some strength, some courage."




Alana and Gloria confront Rachael, asking her why she hasn't opened up and what she's so pissed off about.


Dr. Phil points out that the other woman are ready to get real with their lives and make a change, but Rachael acts like a spectator. Rachael explains that she was questioning whether to participate, because it's too hard, and she's not going to change.

Alana offers her advice: "Once I stopped fighting myself and really opened up to the process, hallelujah! It's a miracle. I can walk."


"Most people quit on themselves, and they come up with a thousand reasons to bail on themselves one more time," Dr. Phil says. "If you want different, you've got to do different." He tells Rachael she can quit the process.


 Rachael shares the advice that has impacted her the most. Watch now! 


Michelle shares that as a kid she wondered whether she was good enough, and as an adult, sometimes that insecurity reappears. She explains that she had rocky relationship with her dad as a teen, and when she asked him if he loved her, he didn't respond.

Dr. Phil points out that although Michelle says she accepts her father's behavior, it's only true intellectually, and emotionally, it still hurts. "The reason that you have trouble connecting to other people, particularly a significant man in your life, is impacted by this reality," he tells her.

Michelle says it's been a year and a half since she's been on a date. During the weekends, she cleans her house, works and spends time alone. "I would love to be married one day," she says. "It's absolutely a dream of mine."


 Michelle responds to her supporters. Watch now!

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