It's been called the ultimate form of child abuse " parents brainwashing their children against an ex-spouse in order to win custody. Could you be harming your child emotionally and not even know it?
Children Caught in the Crossfire
For 12 years, Chrissy and her ex-husband, Dennis, have been embroiled in a nasty custody battle for their two children. Dennis says that Chrissy badmouths him and his new wife, Gina, to their children and even took out a protective order against him, while Chrissy feels that her ex is an extreme disciplinarian who is teaching their kids to be pathological liars.

The Lawyers Weigh In
Areva Martin, attorney and women's advocate, examines Chrissy's position, while Lisa Bloom, CBS legal analyst, weighs in on Dennis' side. Will the parents reach a truce for the sake of their kids, or will they continue to battle it out in court?

A Mother's Tragedy and Triumph
Dr. Phil speaks to former guest Bridget Marks, who made headlines when she had to hand over her twin daughters to their biological father.

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The Look of Love
by Jill Egizii

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