Can a mistress save a marriage? Would you embrace this drastic option to save a troubled union? Chrissy says her husband, Scott, has been having an affair for five years, and now he wants her to consider an open relationship.


Negotiated Infidelity

Chrissy says her husband, Scott, has been having an affair with Tammi for five years, and he wants Chrissy to consider negotiated infidelity, an arrangement where partners are given permission to stray. He even suggested that his mistress buy the house next door to theirs! Chrissy says Scott is a loving dad to their three kids, and she wonders if there's hope for their 10-year marriage.


"What man would not want to have a wife and a girlfriend?"


The Other Woman Speaks Up

Tammi, the woman at the heart of Scott and Chrissy's relationship woes, joins them onstage. Learn how she feels about Scott's open marriage proposal and her thoughts about sleeping with another woman's husband.


"I fell in love with him."

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