Dr. Phil continues an intense discussion on negotiated infidelity. Chrissy, a mother of three, says her husband, Scott, refuses to dump his girlfriend and wants her to consider an open relationship. During their first appearance, things got heated when Tammi, Scott's mistress of five years, came onstage to share her side of the story.


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Torn between Two Lovers

Tammi admits that she struggles with leaving Scott but says she's in love with him. Is she the only mistress Scott's been with during his marriage to Chrissy, and will he decide to commit to his wife or to Tammi?


"This is, in no way, something I can live with."


Advocate for Adultery?

Not everyone believes cheating is a bad thing. Holly Hill, author of Sugarbabe: The Controversial Real Story of a Woman in Search of a Sugar Daddy, says negotiated infidelity empowers women. She and her boyfriend, Dino, have been in an open relationship for three years, and they say this arrangement helps couples avoid strife and mistrust.


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A Reformed Cheater?

Dr. Phil follows up with Charles, one of his most controversial guests, who wanted to explore a polyfidelity lifestyle. When Charles last appeared on the show, he says he received a wake-up call about his desire to have a wife and a girlfriend.


Hear Charles' message for Scott.

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Sugarbabe: The Controversial Real Story of a Woman in Search of a Sugar Daddy
by Holly Hill